Pensacola Zone Conference

Our missionaries have a wide variety of interests and experiences to draw upon. Here, it’s skating. We played Taboo! in teaching, and you got squirted if you used a banned word.“Don’t listen to the noise! Listen only to the person you are teaching!”

Mission Leadership Council

We appreciated the help in setting up. But it was …. complicated. Council setup. worked great. Sisters do wonders with hymns while accompanied by Ukuleles. Part of the training was a rotation, with each missionary training three others on an assigned mini-topic.

Til We Meet Again

This was our first group of Elders. They arrived late, at the wrong airport, and didn’t get to bed until 1 am the first night. It got much better after that. We grew to love and appreciate all of these disciples. Special request: Wings for dinner. It was good, though not that healthy. Our Assistants get … More Til We Meet Again


New missionaries! How we love to get to know them individually. They all bring special gifts, quirks and personalities. We love them all, and each one has so much to contribute. The trainers are specially selected, too, by revelation. It’s a miraculous thing to see what they can learn together.