Out there

There are few things I enjoy more than being out with missionaries, visiting, teaching and testifying with them. Last weekend, I was able to attend the baptisms of four new members of the church (altogether there were ten!), and to proselyte with several missionaries in Alabama and western Florida. I love that this IS my … More Out there

Senior Conference!

In January, we held a special conference for our wonderful senior couples. We feel so lucky and blessed to be serving in the warm (usually) and sunny Florida Tallahassee Mission. We met on Friday for dinner in Tallahassee, followed by a get-to-know-you game. Most of our couples had never met before. Later President and Sister … More Senior Conference!

MLC in Tally

We had an excellent training at MLC. There are so many things coming for our mission and we used the time to get up to speed.  As always, meals give us energy for all the hard work.  We kicked off our training with a special flag-raising ceremony. We are so grateful for our beautiful country.  … More MLC in Tally

Our Travelling Life

Within minutes of arriving home after a road trip, President Smith has his bag completely empty and he is starting a load of laundry. My approach is to live out of my suitcase until it empties itself that way or until I have to pack again for another trip. There are many ways to tackle … More Our Travelling Life