Set apart by an apostle

On the 40th anniversary of Clint reporting for his mission in Hamburg Germany, we were able to have our whole family with us as hands were placed on our heads and we were given authority and blessings to empower us to fulfill this mission.

Elder Quentin L. Cook was a gracious host. He let us all come into his office, and he gave our family an apostolic blessing.

3 thoughts on “Set apart by an apostle

  1. Welcome! My son is Elder Teigen Judd currently serving in Pensacola. He was excited to meet you this week and we are just so grateful for you guys and the service you’re performing. Thank you for being willing to fill this call! ~Sister LeeAnne Judd


  2. I just read through all the posts on your blog so far! And this last one brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for serving in this way in FTM. I know our son Connor Christensen loves you both already!! I am so thankful for the sacrifice you are making to leave your family and love and guide the mission! You are making a huge impact in the missionaries lives and so many others. You are in my and my families prayers. We love you and are so thankful for you!


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