Meet the President

We spent most of the first week going to six mini (2 hour) zone conferences on a tour the handbook calls meet the president. Blake came with us, and introduced his four siblings and our eight grandchildren using pictures and short videos they had given us.

The first stop was with the two zones in Tallahassee, named Tally 1 and Tally 2.


Tally 1 & 2

We then drove to Panama City, Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola Florida, and  Mobile Alabama zones over the next two days.


Panama City Beach


Fort Walton Beach

We returned to Tallahassee and home sweet home for Sunday and Independence Day, then drove up to Dothan AL to meet the rest of the missionaries at our last conference (thus round).


Elder Kalama, with comps Elders Young and Moore. and President
Kathy with Dothan sisters

We met all 178 missionaries and love every one.

3 thoughts on “Meet the President

  1. How exciting to get to know so many wonderful people willing to serve the Lord. My daughter Sister Rhiannon Bradley will join your ranks in August. She is at the MTC now and is so excited to going to the FTM!


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