TrAnSfEr WeEk….

Everyone is feeling a little uncertain this week  because transfers will be posted. This means some missionaries will stay right where they are and some will move to a new area. The process of making it all happen has the potential to be a logistical nightmare, but instead it was a very spiritual experience. FTM missionaries will feel many emotions as they leave the people they have come to love so much. 

Some of these wonderful Elders and Sisters have their biggest transfer of their while mission–that is… they are going home☹️. Of course we are very sad to see them go, but their families are already planning their special homecoming with great excitement. We love them and honor them and thank them for their service. We will welcome 18 new missionaries this week and feed them our special green chile burros. We use a secret family recipe from Sister Smith’s father who is an Arizona native like she is. 

This car we spotted on the road really says it all. It is not a mission vehicle but we could really use it! We love our experiences here in the South! Good luck this week to all our missionaries as they press forward with new companions, new apartments, new areas, or staying happy and knowing there is more work for you to do right where you are. 

2 thoughts on “TrAnSfEr WeEk….

  1. You are setting such a great example of missionary service. It sounds like a positive experience for all. We love you President and Sister Smith!


  2. Those missionaries are lucky and blessed to have you there! Every year at this time I listen to my Dad’s funeral and you conducting and speaking!! Thanks for doing so much for me!! We got a new bishop today. Dave Stahle with Brother Skelton and Mckaferty as his counselors.


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