Families are Forever

Dear Family,

Even though we are away from you we still think of you every day. 

Your fun and silly personalities brighten our lives and make us happy. 

We are glad we have so many good memories from all the times we could spend together. 

Thanks for being so awesome. 

We miss you a lot. 

We pray for you. We sincerely want only the best for you. 

Don’t change too much because you are great just the way you are. 

Your faces just flat out make us happy. 

We love you bunches. 

The End.

5 thoughts on “Families are Forever

  1. BRAVERY BADGE! I recently heard a church leader say “Biggest secret in the church, is how hard it is to leave home and serve a mission.”. Your might not miss your family if they weren’t so terrific! Job well done.


  2. It is so great to know you are doing so well. Families are forever! What a wonderful blog to keep everyone posted and everyone connected. Love you so much and miss you ever so.


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