Mission tour

On October 6-7 the Florida Tallahassee Mission was blessed by a visit from Elder and Sister Sitati for a Mission Tour. Our Assistants worked tirelessly to get everything ready and looking great. They had a lot of help too. The missionaries came prepared to learn at the feet of these CHOICE DISCIPLES OF CHRIST. Elder and Sister Sitati asked the missionaries what their concerns are personally and as they pertain to missionary work. They are excellent teachers who invite a lot of participation. It is a JOY and a WONDER to see GOD’S HAND in answering the humble questions of the missionaries.

This job needed a LOT of concentration and support from the onlookers.



The tour took place over two days. The first day we met in Tallahassee with the two Tally Zones, Dothan Zone, and Panama City Zone. The second day we were in Pensacola with the Pensacola, Fort Walton, and Mobile Zones. Everyone loved getting together and visiting with each other. 


Lunch is a time for old FRIENDSHIPS to be renewed and where everyone can catch up on what is happening in their lives.  Elder Sitati was impressed with the missionaries’ thoughtful questions, their spiritual preparation, and their genuine goodness. We always feel the exact same way. We all came away from this Mission Tour MOTIVATED and COMMITTED to PRESSING FORWARD on the path of DISCIPLESHIP. When the Savior and His Atonement are at the center of their lives, these missionaries learn that everything works out and they feel HAPPY!

4 thoughts on “Mission tour

  1. We love seeing these photos! Thank you so much…we eagerly await new photos so we can seek out our Missionary. It fills our heart with such joy to see him and be a part of what he is doing as he serves the Lord.
    Love the Burch Family!


  2. My daughter is Sister Smoot and she had such a rich experience spending time with Elder and Sister Sitati. Thank you for your love, your service and all you do for these missionaries.


  3. Great pictures! So fun to see the beautiful environment you provide for your missionaries! Love the pears! I am so proud of all the work that you and Clint are doing there!
    Love you,


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