Rainy Days and Transfers Don’t Get this Group DOWN

The weather has been a little dry lately so of course it should pour rain on transfer day! Ten new missionaries met their trainers today, had a little bit of training, and then they headed out for lands unknown to begin their missions. 

First time backing the car out.

We have the most wonderful senior missionaries here. They do everything including taxi shuttles for missionaries who need a lift. They lift in so many ways wherever they serve. Senior missionaries don’t follow the same schedule as their younger counterparts. They can even take a nap if needed. They help watch out for our 180 Elders and Sisters all over the mission. 

There are truly no words to adequately express our gratitude for two wonderful assistants who made our transition into the mission so smooth and painless. We appreciate them so much and we know they will continue to serve and help others. 

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