Mission leaders are amazing!

Once a month we meet as a leadership council with this great group of missionaries. Each one of them has accepted a call to be a leader in our mission for a time. As with any calling in the Church, there is no moving up or down a ladder.  At any time a new assignment could be given to go out into the mission and bless their new area. It could be Toxey or Thomasville; Andalusia or Atmore; Pascagoula or Pensacola. Their service and leadership skills will be a blessing to them throughout their lives. 

We use many object lessons in training. Here, a very experienced chess player plays against one who does not even know the rules. It wasn’t even close. When you know how to play it is easy to succeed. 
This crew came out about the same time we did; they are happy about being in the mission field for 10 months. Time speeds by at an amazing pace. We feel so blessed that we can serve with all of the amazing leaders in the FTM. 

Nobody wants to say goodbye and leave. 

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