General Authority Visit

We spent two glorious days with Elder Juan A. Uceda of the Seventy and his wife. We held Mission Leadership Council meeting and two one-half mission conferences. We were all edified and instructed in ways to improve our studying and teaching.

Mission Leadership Council

In a large “huddle,” he taught is how to help people pray by telling a story of missionaries wait g for 30 minutes on their knees for an investigator to pray.
There was a lot of interaction.
These temporary companions were asked to keep time, so that we would have a break to stretch every 30 minutes.
Even during breaks, Elder Uceda was teaching.

Sister Uceda presented in Spanish, and was assisted by gifted interpreters

He showed us how to study using the The District videos.
Practice what we talk about!

Our Spanish speaking Elders enjoyed conversing with the Ucedas.

617 Tally 2
Tallahassee 2 Zone
617 Tally 1
Tallahassee 1 Zone
617 seniors east
Some of our senior couples, and counselors in mission presidency
617 pensacola
Pensacola Zone
617 PCB
Panama City Beach Zone

617 mobile

617 MLC
Dothan Zone
617 FWB
Fort Walton Beach Zone

3 thoughts on “General Authority Visit

  1. So great to see all of these wonderful pictures…so many people who are touching so many lives. Your love for the church and for all that you serve is visible!


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