Sometimes things are just hard..:(

Missionaries have hard times too. We need to understand that it won’t last forever. Good times are right around the corner. Sometime we feel like we are on that hike where the leader keeps promising that we are almost there–the end is in sight, but then we keep on going and going and we never really know how long a trial will last. We become who we are because of the trials we endure. As we get through hard times we become more empathic of others, are more patient with others, and develop perspective and experience that can help us with future trials. Trust that God is aware of you and He loves you. Trust that the Savior will always make up the difference when you have done all you can. Allow the Holy Ghost to whisper comforting words of assurance to your heart and mind. Just hold on tight and everything will be alright.

One thought on “Sometimes things are just hard..:(

  1. Than you for this Sister Smith. My missionary said some very similar things in a recent email to me, which tells me that you all must be sharing this truth with the Elders and Sisters in the FTM. Although we made every effort to prepare our missionary for his service, parts of the mission experience are an emotional roller coaster that really cannot be prepared for. By the time we were sharing our missionary stories with him, we had time and perspective on our side, which made the hard things seem not so hard and, at times, the memories were even humorous. Hopefully these young missionaries can look back on their experiences with joy and appreciation for their growth.


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