Welcome to the FTM!!!

It’s like Christmas. Every six weeks, we get to welcome a new group of friends for life. Truly one of our most treasured experiences. We often feel, as soon as we meet, that we have been friends forever.

These new missionaries were welcomed by a hot, humid day. This type of weather makes your hair frizz and your clothes go limp. It makes your glasses fog up. Stream rises from the ground like a perpetual sauna. The August transfer will be even worse. But spirits were high.

Today the new missionaries met their new companions, had a short orientation meeting, then they were off to their first area. 

 We feel love for them already and see strengths and talents in each of them. As we send them off we are reminded of how their parents must have felt just a few weeks ago when they sent them off to the MTC. We know what that feels like. We have sent three sons on missions–one to Portugal, one to Korea, and one to speak Spanish in Birmingham Alabama (a mission that borders the FTM). 

We feel so blessed to be here. We are so lucky that we get to serve here with these awesome disciples of Christ.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the FTM!!!

  1. I just got called to this mission & I’ll be there in a October! Looking forward to all the experiences and all the incredible people.


  2. LOVE YOU ALL…We haven’t stopped running since we got home the 4th of April. Decided to build a smaller home and thought we would try the market. Sold in 6 days. Now we are back a little apartment,
    smaller than PCB waiting for the new home in Nov. But we know we can do it because we DID IT already.
    We love you all and pray for you daily. Keeping in touch with a few missionaries that are home.
    Jim and Shirley Ross in HOT Idaho …104 degrees but it is dry. We know how you are all feeling. DRINK!


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