Brethren (and Sisters), adieu 

One of the best parts of serving here is getting to know such wonderful young people, who are the face and future of the Church. This group includes some of the very first missionaries we knew, and we will miss all of them greatly. They have such bright futures ahead.

Our newest missionaries are a bit more… mature. We love them already. They will be working with our Spanish branch in Tallahassee.
Tie trading is serious business here
It’s sad to say goodbye to friends made along the way.

These missionaries literally lift others wherever they serve. 

Homemade brownie sundaes! Yum. These are top-notch young adults who are now going home as true disciples of Jesus Christ. 

P.S. The orange tie in the back used to be mine. Yep. President trades, too. For the right tie. 

One thought on “Brethren (and Sisters), adieu 

  1. We know so many of those going home!!! We’ve been home for six months already and we still miss our mission and the incredible missionaries!!!


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