Zone Conferences (Round 2)

This was an unusual week, one filled with the Spirit and one that had us all thinking hard about what we truly believe. A great opportunity to see how strong our faith really is.

We have some fun together, too

The sisters in the wards all love to serve wonderful lunches. 

We love our senior couples

Tally 2 Zone

Tally 1 Zone

Role plays!

Small group breakouts offer more opportunities to interact

Panama City Zone


Missionaries have a demanding schedule. Zone Conferences are long days of learning and training, but it is also so nice to relax and visit with each other at lunch. We appreciate having a mission doctor and his wife (pictured above) to help us keep up with all the little bumps and bruises our missionaries acquire during their busy week. We also really appreciate all the families who write such wonderful letters each week. They really need that weekly dose of encouragement. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for Jesus Christ and the chance to serve Him by serving with 180 amazing disciples of Christ. 

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