We meet monthly with our Assistants, Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders in Mission Leadership Council. They are all excellent missionaries and we rely heavily on them.

Our current MLC. 

On all our minds this week was tracking the progress of Hurricane Irma. 

Sister Smith trained on how small and simple changes can bring big results. We had a little demonstration of this principle using styrofoam boats with a little notch cut out. When the boats were first placed in the water, nothing happened. By applying only a small amount of liquid dishwashing soap, the boats raced to the finish line. 

Our weather team tracking the hurricane.

Planning for a career in meteorology?

These leaders do not aspire to their positions. They do not want to be placed on a pedestal. They do not believe being a leader makes them any more special than other missionaries whom they serve. But they simply say yes when they are called upon and go to work. The work they do as leaders is often behind the scenes. They are called upon to create the mission culture then commit to live it themselves. They are committed to being as obedient as possible, and often must lift and encourage others in their obedience. They love the Lord. We ask a lot of them and we wear them out. Then we ask others to take their place. Our former leaders strengthen and lift wherever they go next. 

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