Zone Conference- Fort Walton Beach

The day was typical Florida hot and sunny–actually too hot to take outdoor photos. President Smith has to herd us all together like a bunch of puppies and he somehow always gets us looking pretty good. Our goal is to get the shot in under three minutes. We haven’t made it yet!

Fort Walton Beach is an amazing zone full of the best missionaries! They are talented, energetic, and have so much love for the work. It lifts us just being able to be together. 

Our “HOT LAVA CAKE WALK” game was a success. It was designed to help us learn to use the Adjusting to Missionary Life booklet. Within this short reference manual can be found the solutions to many problems missionaries face over the course of their mission and especially at the beginning. 

By the end of the day, everyone has been spiritually fed. By the end of each round of Zone Conferences we say what a wonderful conference and we don’t know how it will be possible to have another round as special as this one. But to our amazement it happens again. 

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