What an excited and ready to serve group we received! Fresh from the MTC and so exhausted from a long night of packing with little to no sleep. We greet them then take them to the Mission Home where we feed them a nice dinner.

This is the day a lot of missionaries suddenly realize what they signed up for. Of course they hope their assigned companion knows what they are doing!

Two new missionaries to be responsible for at once! This guy can handle it.

Definitely the first couple of transfers are the toughest for most missionaries. There is so much to adjust to. But before too long they know the ropes. When missionaries can stop stumbling over their own insecurities, and focus on serving others, great things can happen.

And, in just a few weeks, another awesome group will arrive. Nobody is new forever, but they will always remember the kindness and compassion of the one who helped them the most.


  1. My son will be in your next group to arrive! He enters the MTC next week! I am thrilled to have him headed to a place filled with such wonderful people! Bless you all for what you’re doing…both Pres. and Sister Smith, as well as each one of the awesome smiling missionary faces posted here and throughout the mission. Keep Smiling! You’re doing great things!!


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