Remember when these kinds of phones were the latest greatest thing? You really had to want to call somebody to go through the dialing process on a phone like this one that I had when I was growing up. Now in our mission, missionaries all come with their own Smartphone. (New missionaries please refer to instruction packet for approved phones).

The purpose of their phones is to help them with their missionary work. Unfortunately, it is very easy to become distracted by texts or instant messages from home or friends throughout the week. Having technology at their fingertips does make it tempting to chat or peek at incoming messages, though the policy is clear: communication is to be through email is reserved for preparation day. Thank you to all our diligent missionaries for staying focused on their purpose for this short time they are here. And thank you to all their families for resisting that urge to be in touch more often than a weekly email. They look forward to those letters, they are uplifted by them, they may even shed a tear or two while reading them, but then they go back out to our humidity and heat and become so much more focused on others than they ever were on themselves and feel truly engaged in inviting others to come unto Christ.

One thought on “Phones

  1. This is so helpful to know! We had the obviously incorrect understanding that sending a daily thought or scripture via messenger was just like sending a written letter and was okay as long as the only written correspondence back and forth happened on pday. But it makes total sense and we’re grateful for the clarification!


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