Even with all of the devastation, missionary work goes forward. Missionaries are having great experiences with people whose hearts are softened. And some of them got to meet a member of the First Presidency! There were about 1500 workers from four states present in Marianna when Elder Bednar spoke at an early morning sacrament meeting. … More Michael

MLC in Tallahassee

Occasionally we bring the mission leaders to Tallahassee for our monthly council. This time we had two visitors from the Missionary Department come train us, and then begin a pilot program using a giant chalkboard to start conversations. We spoke with a lot of people on FSU campus.

Tallahassee Zone Conference

By far our largest zone, these conferences generate a lot of energy. Together, we learn how better to use Adjusting to Missionary Life.Creative training, putting together a puzzle….The goal is to make your companion touch his own thigh. A twist on arm wrestling. It got intense.

Farewell, friends

Here they go again. We have such love for our missionaries! It’s nice to relax with them for a bit before we send them flying off to their bright futures. They are so prepared for what awaits! The only thing that makes this tolerable is that we will see them again. stay in touch, everyone.