Sisters Conference

We had all the Sisters together for a few hours on August 10. The theme was “A Perfect Brightness of Hope” from 2 Nephi 31:20. Joyful reunions Great trainingsEnlightening panel discussion Multi-generational get-togethers We talked about healthy relationships, setting boundaries, the dangers of comparing, and being good enough. We also had a nice lunch and … More Sisters Conference

Out and About

We love to get out and see the far reaches of the mission, and Toxey is as far as it gets. We had a great time with the branch and stayed in our very own place. Tootsie Pops can keep you awake for 28 minutes at a time! Interesting yard art. Baptisms and District lunch … More Out and About

Dothan Zone Conference

Sign language adds power to a sweet musical number. If you use a Taboo word, you could get smacked. Pretty fun and impactful training on teaching simply.You can’t listen to people if there is noise in your head! Not dancing. Exercise. Thanks to our mission nurse.