Welcome, friends!

It’s like Christmas. New lifelong friends come to help us minister to the wonderful people of the Panhandle. This is a small group, but packed with punch. Transfer days are filled with logistics and emotions. Memories !

It’s been grand

We love our precious missionaries so much that when they leave, it hurts. We are excited to see what a blessing they will be to their friends and family as they go home. Fare well, friends.


We love our senior missionaries. They choose to leave grandchildren, golf courses and beloved homes to serve for 6 to 23 months. This crew got together for a fun trip to Wakulla Springs, great food, games, fellowship and some training. We had a blast with these dear friends. This guy jumped off the tower but … More Seniors!

Pensacola Zone Conference

Our missionaries have a wide variety of interests and experiences to draw upon. Here, it’s skating. We played Taboo! in teaching, and you got squirted if you used a banned word.“Don’t listen to the noise! Listen only to the person you are teaching!”